Costume of the Dog Dance Warrior 22x30 Karl Bodmer Native American Indian Art

Costume of the Dog Dance Warrior 22x30 Karl Bodmer Native American Indian Art

Costume of the Dog Dance Warrior 22x30 Karl Bodmer Native American Indian Art
Costume of the Dog Dance Indian Warrior. "Costume of the Dog Dance Indian Warrior " Karl Bodmer Native American Indian Art print. Limited to 100 prints, each print is hand numbered. The image is printed on mould-made, 100% cotton rag watercolor paper imported from France. The image size is 24x17 inches. The paper size is 30x22 inches. The image is printed using specially engineered ink technology for optimum image quality and over 100 years of lightfastness.

Guaranteed to be new and in mint condition. Johann Carl Bodmer (11 February 1809 - 30 October 1893) was a printmaker, etcher, lithographer, zinc engraver, draftsman, painter, illustrator and hunter. Known as Karl Bodmer in literature and paintings, as a Swiss and French citizen his name has been listed as Johann Karl Bodmer and Jean-Charles Bodmer respectively. After 1843, likely as a result of his son Charles-Henry Barbizon, he began to sign his works K Bodmer.

Karl Bodmer was well known in Germany for his watercolors, drawings and aquatints of cities and landscapes of the Rhine, Mosel and Lahn rivers. As a member of the Barbizon School - a French landscape painting group from the mid-19th century, he created many oil paintings with animal motifs as well as wood engravings, drawings, and book illustrations. Best known in the United States as a painter who captured the American West of the 19th century with extremely accurate depictions of its inhabitants.

He accompanied German explorer Prince Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied from 1832 through 1834 on his Missouri River expedition. He was hired as an artist by Maximilian with the specific intent of traveling through the American West and recording images of cities, rivers, towns and people they saw along the way, including many images of Native Americans along the Missouri and that region. Bodmer was made a Knight in the French Legion of Honour in 1877.

Many of Bodmer's work was chronicled in Prince Maximilian's book entitled Maximilian Prince of Wied's Travels in the Interior of North America. Look and see what other collectors have said! The art print came today and it looks great.

We're building a new house and this will look great. The Print arrived today, and I must say that it is even more beautiful than I had imagined.

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It will have a place of honor in our home. Thanks for the prompt service. I can't wait to get it up on my wall soon. Thank you so much, not only for the lovely print, but for packing it so well. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how nice the picture is. In fact, much nicer in person than I thought. I can hardly wait to get it framed. Just a brief note to tell you how much I love my print.

Notify me if you have any other prints available..... I have received your lovely print.

It will be a beautiful addition to my home. It will look great hanging with my other prints.

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Costume of the Dog Dance Warrior 22x30 Karl Bodmer Native American Indian Art